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Microscopic analysis allows for the identification of sanitary conditions of production and transportation of food or its ingredients.

The presence of large quantities of foreign matter may be correlated with other problems resulting from the failure of sanitary management, such as microbial or mycotoxin contamination.

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Foreign Matters Indicative of Good Practice Failures

Macroscopic Foreign Matters

Microscopic foreign matters: Insect fragment, whole dead insects, dead mites, barbs


Foreign Matters Indicative of Risks to Human Health

Macroscopic foreign matters: plastic films, glass fragments, rigid objects with a diameter greater than or equal to 2 mm, rigid, sharp and/or pointed objects, equal to or greater than 7 mm, parasites

Microscopic foreign matters: rodent hair fragments


Ashes insoluble 


Histological Identification

Compounds of vegetable origin foreign to the product and / or identifiers of the composition